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Welcome to Sainrithya Dance Academy!

 We believe in the transformative power of dance. On our stage, illuminated and surrounded by darkness, we embody our true selves. As the proud second generation of Kalakshetra's founder, Smt. Rukmini Arundale, we carry forward her legacy with pride.

Our journey with renowned gurus Natyacharya S. Aravindan, Kalacharya Vasantha Aravindan, and Natyacharya M.V Narasimhachari has given us a holistic understanding of performing arts. We embrace diverse narratives, composing captivating productions that celebrate history, gods, and nature in various Indian languages. Collaborating with esteemed musicians from Kalakshetra ensures exceptional performances. Join us in this enchanting dance journey, where transformation becomes a reality.

Sowmya Sridhar & Shalini Srinivasan

Founders & Artistic Directors of Sainrithya Dance Academy

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Our Story

Sainrithya Dance Academy is the oldest Indian Classical Dance School in Oklahoma! Known for our exceptional technique and consistent quality, we take pride in producing skilled dancers who embody the essence of this art form.


Over the past 28 years, we have trained and graduated over 500 students in Oklahoma. Our students have graced prestigious venues in both India and the US, showcasing their talent and dedication. Our company dancers have achieved national recognition, receiving awards in Bharatanatyam competitions. Notably, we had the honor of performing with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and Grammy Award nominee Bombay Jaishree for the Life of Pi production. We have also conducted workshops at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City University. For the past four years, we are selected to perform at the Oklahoma City Mayor's tree lighting festival.

In recognition of our commitment to preserving Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam with utmost integrity and sharing their beauty with diverse audiences, the founders have been bestowed with the prestigious title of 'Natya Jyothi'.


As the torchbearers of this centuries-old tradition, we are dedicated to passing on the classical art form to the next generation. We identify and train students who possess the dedication and passion necessary to carry forward this rich cultural heritage.


Join us at Sainrithya Dance Academy and embark on a transformative journey of dance!

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