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Founders & Directors


Sowmya Sridhar & Shalini Srinivasan are 2nd in Lineage from Smt. Rukmini Arundale (Founder of Kalakshetra established in 1936 in Chennai, India).  Their Gurus Natyacharya S. Aravindan and Smt. Vasantha Aravindan had empowered them with the right foundation to establish Sainrithya Dance Academy in Oklahoma.  Sainrithya Dance Academy is known for its technique and the consistency in the quality of dancers they produce. 


The sisters have trained over 600 students and graduated many over the past 28 years in Oklahoma. They have choreographed and directed several dance productions on various themes, raising funds for several deserving causes. For their commitment in preserving Bharatanatyam & Mohiniattam in its full integrity and bringing it to diverse audiences, they have been awarded the title 'Natya Jyothi'. 


Their company dancers have won many accolades from national classical art institutions and performed extensively both in the US and in India. They are trained not only to be dancers but also choreographers and teachers during their time at Sainrithya Dance Academy. 


The sisters continue the centuries old tradition of passing on this classical art form to the next generation by identifying and training students who have the dedication and passion for it.

Our Company Dancers / Instructors

Ovea - M.jpg

Ovea Kaushik

Kyra Patel

- Oklahoma School of Science & Mathematics

- Pre-med Student at University of Oklahoma 

Simran Kurella

- Pre-med University of Oklahoma 

Throughout my life, I have pursued a countless number of activities, but bharathanatyam, though it has strayed from me at times, has been the only thing I can always come back to. By teaching and pursuing this art, I’ve learned patience, endurance, strength, and most importantly, genuine passion. I have the honor of feeling truly connected to my heritage and not only seeing my culture from a distance but being apart of it. Dance has also allowed me to find others who share my passion, and through that, create life long friends.


In my free time, I explore other art forms such as the double bass, piano and western classical dance. I also work to pass on my knowledge in math and science to others.

Dance instills joyous energy throughout  me. I was very lucky to complete the program and it is something that will always stick with me. It is an art that not many people experience and I am proud to be a participant of this academy. Dance also taught me how to never give up on anything and keep on going. This meant the world to me.

To me, Bharatanatyam is not only a form of art but it’s also a way of expression. Whether it’s on or off the stage, dance has taught me that persistent hard work and dedication towards something that I am passionate about will be rewarding because of the experiences and relationships created. The feeling of dancing on a stage with my closest friends and for people who not only appreciate the art form but also cherish is truly unmatched. Dance will forever be momentous in my life because of these things and for that I will be forever grateful.

Overall I would like to end by saying that to me dance is not only an activity but a lifestyle.

I play competitive tennis, play the piano and violin, and I love to travel. 


Angelina Antony

Krusha Soni

Saanvi Kurella

- Edmond Memorial 

Bharatanatyam is an extraordinary experience to connect with my roots, and definitely something to take pride in. I am extremely thankful to have been given the opportunity to learn bharatanatyam from the most authentic source out there. The feeling of performance, the rush of dancing in front of an audience with stage lights glaring down, or even dancing in front of family and friends is unmatched.

The hush that falls right before the music plays and that sense of unity dancing alongside my peers has become almost a second nature. That is unquestionably a part of my motivation to continue learning and practicing bharatanatyam for me. The satisfaction after a good performance is a tremendous reward for all the hours put in. You truly get more than you give.

Aside from dancing, I participate in piano and sit first chair playing the cello, I also partake in many clubs such as Youth and Government, Leadership, Academic Team, and STEM club. 


Isabella Antony

Kayuri Veragiwala

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