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Our Differentiators

We pride in being 2nd in Lineage from the legend Smt. Rukmini Arundale who dedicated her life to bring social justice and revival of this art form. Kalakshetra known for its highly intricate and complex footwork was founded by Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale in 1936 as the premier arts and cultural institution. She learnt Ballet from Cleo Nordi, a Russo-Finnish ballerina who danced as a soloist with Anna Pavlova's company. She always focused on its recognition being for its unique style and perfectionism which our school till date have strived to preserve its full integrity and bring it to diverse audiences. 

Inspiring the Love of Dance

The legends - Our Gurus

Natyacharya Late Guru S. Aravindan was the disciple of Late Amt. Rukmini Arundale, He was the founder of Koothambalam, an outstanding Guru, Bharatanatyam dancer, composer, painter and musician. He has written several books for dancers.


His wife and disciple Smt. Vasantha Aravindan, is a versatile dancer, teacher, nattuvanar, choreographer and lyricist in both Bharathanatyam & Mohiniyattam. She learned Mohoniyattam from Padmasri(late)Chinnammu Amma & Padmasri Kalamandalam Kshemavathy.  She has been teaching both Bharathanatyam & Mohiniyattam for the past 40 years. Jugalbandhi of both these styles has won her many laurels. 

Guru  Late Sri. Narasimhachari is a reputed musician, composer, choreographer, singer, nattuvanar, Mridangam player, concert musician, performing artist of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, a Guru of outstanding capacity. He is the director of Kalasamarpana Foundation.


His wife Smt. Vasanthalakshmi is guru of great caliber,  a gifted linguist,  Lyricist and an unmatched nattuvanar. She is known for her creative brilliance and beauty that comes from uncommon humility. 

Celebrating our 27 years in Oklahoma 
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